Here at JTP, we take pride in helping to create successful festival and event experiences. Our expertise allows us make sure your plan is executed as safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively as possible by overseeing the safe layout, build, and strike of your festival site. We can also provide operational support in building and managing your core festival team. 

Let's make your festival vision a reality! 

What We Do:

  • Site Design / Layout
    • Performance and Activation Areas 
    • Capacity Identification
    • Back of House, boneyards and work areas
    • Ingress / Egress / Patron Flow
    • Entrances and Tollbooths
    • Parking Areas
    • Campgrounds
  • Budgeting
  • Vendor Selection & Management
    • RFP's
    • Build Schedule Coordination
    • Advance Ordering
    • On-Site Management
    • Final Invoice Reconciliation
  • Site Crew Management
    • Land Management
    • Asset Distribution
    • Miscellaneous Site-Specific Duties
  • Organizational Structure and Staffing
  • Access Management